Want a website that makes people

buy...without hiring an expensive copywriter?

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This is the only tool you'll need to write your website copy!

You'll learn:

What to put on each page

In this 30-page PDF, I outline the prompts you need to use to write compelling copy that will tell your site visitors what they need to know so that they are ready to take action–whether that's to buy or inquire about your services.

What information goes where

You'll be able to see sample layouts for each page (Home, About, Services, FAQ, Blog, and Contact), so you know how to structure your copy to move people through your site strategically and get them to follow your calls to action.

Secrets only copywriters know

Writing your website is easy if you know all of the tricks. The problem is most people don't. So they write their site in a way that makes sense to them. But if you aren't looking at it from your site visitor's perspective, it ends up being confusing and ineffective and people just leave.

How to connect through your copy

Your site copy is what is going to convince people to take action. You need to strike a balance between including information

that connects AND converts. In the guide, I break down what

pieces of your sales messaging you need to include where

to do just that!

Hi, I'm Mollie

I'm a Marketing Strategist and business coach, and founder of Branded With a Purpose.

I write copy for business owners who want marketing messaging that will attract clients they love...without having to write it themselves.

After writing websites for national brands and solopreneurs alike, I've learned a thing or two.

But one thing I know for sure is that your message is your mission and attracts clients and customers you want to serve.

When you know how to speak to your audience, they will listen. And that's exactly what I teach you to do in this guide.

Writing your own website copy doesn't

have suck.

It is possible to do it yourself, you just need the right roadmap.

Does the thought of writing your own website copy fill you with a sense of dread?

  • You are a business owner, not a copywriter. Writing your own copy can feel frustrating but that's usually because you have no idea what you're supposed to say.

  • You think you're not a "writer." You hate writing. You practically failed English in high school. I get it. But you don't need to be a "writer," you just need to follow the guide!

  • But good copywriters are expensive. I know, because I am one. No everyone has the budget to hire someone else. If you're bootstrapping, let me help you.

This 30-page PDF guide is simple to follow and includes:


Site conversions are up, and bounce rates are down!

Not only are people staying on your site instead of bouncing (a.k.a. leaving) the moment they land on it, but they are actually sticking around and checking out what you have to offer.

You are proud of your site!

You don't have to panic every time you send someone to your website because you know it looks like crap, and now you're scared they aren't going to want to buy from you.

Writing your copy was simple and quick!

The hardest part of writing is figuring out what to say. (Believe me, I know!) That's why I created this guide (and filled it with simple prompts). I wanted to take the guesswork out of the copywriting process.

You don't need to do it alone!

You could waste time and energy trying to figure out how to write your site copy yourself, only to realize you have no idea what you're doing and hire someone. Or you could use this template and make writing copy for your new site a breeze!

Ready to get writing...

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